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The Need

  • TL training need is clearly articulated in SA industry research, i.e., BPeSA Industry Skills Requirements 2013 Research Feedback which identifies key TL attributes to be Team Management and  Organisation, Coaching EQ and Analytics.
  • IQ Business 2014 Report identifies four key factors when selecting an L&D Supplier- Experience, SETA Accreditation, Cost and Reputation.

The Solution

TULA- The Ubuntu Leadership Academy – ‘Developing Leaders that Listen’

‘TULA* – powered by OnTrac’, is an award winning global company that provides consulting services and training, in the area of Operations Management for the BPO sector.



Why – the Metric Driven Solution

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
While this statement is powerful, somehow, its author missed out the urgency factor that characterises
operational efficiencies-focused real-time businesses such as call centres. The statement could therefore
be aptly modified to- “If you can’t measure it Now, you can’t improve it Now.”



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We also were awarded ‘Strategic Enabler 2013’ at the BPO World Awards.