Star Certification Program

An industry standard program that aims to enhance the delivery capabilities of team leaders in the areas of operations management and people management. Unlike most training programs, this program is designed to help participants translate classroom learning into practice at their workplace. During this process, managers have the opportunity to observe how effectively team leaders are using their knowledge gained in the program.

The program has three phases. The first phase is the instructor led program. In the second phase, participants implement their learnings and commit to improving a minimum of 2 metrics. In the third phase, they are required to present to their senior management team on their achievements.

The Program is conducted across 3 phases over a period of 12 weeks.


BPO Basics

Team Leader Jobs

Performance Measurement

Performance Analysis

Performance Management

Workforce Management

Incentive Management




Performance Appraisal

Motivational Techniques

Customer Focus



Team Management




Metric Driven Approach

Inter Departmental Interactions

Understanding Financial Impact

People Development

Business Continuity




Team Leader Training & 5 Star Assessment

1. Instruction

5 days Instructor-led training

24 knowledge modules are constructed upon 6 core Programme topics, including Basic Awareness, Foundations of Operations, Managing Individuals, Managing Operations, Managing the Team and Excelling in the Role.

2. Implementation

8 weeks Manager-led on-site

2 topics e.g. Attrition and Absenteeism are selected by the TL, for which 55 tasks are completed over 8 weeks and recorded through ‘StarTrac’, the online metric tool we use.

3. Verification

1 day during week 10-12

A 20 minute presentation by the TL to senior management outlines the operational efficiencies and company benefits from the entire process, and is a unique opportunity to present at this senior level of leadership.

During stage 1, an assessment is completed before and after the training week, scoring 50% of the total five stars.


During stage 2, the volume of 55 tasks completed counts 30% towards the overall score.



During stage 3, the presentation is assessed by senior leadership, and scores 20% of the total five stars.



The entire process is then ‘normalised’ through a global algorithm and a rating of 1-5 stars is awarded


Target Audience:


Team leaders in Operations and Back office functions such as those in BPOs, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance etc.



Participants learn the fundamentals of People and Operations management. Metrics include productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, cycle time, response rates, error/accuracy rates etc.


“a true handbook for Team Leaders”

“the scenarios really come to life”

“commercially rounded and versatile”

“what South Africa’s BPO Industry needs to succeed.”

“guides TL through every step of their role and responsibilities.“

“a TL will be much stronger, professional and efficient once the training is complete.“