TULA is growing its South African footprint. That means we’re looking for the right people to join our Cape Town team.

So, we’d like to introduce you to some of the TULA team, in this video:

At Tula, we’re all about developing leaders that listen!

We do this by providing our clients in the Global BPO & Contact-Centre industry with training services and solutions in Operations Management, particularly focusing on Team Leader training solutions.

Simply put, we help our corporate BPO & Captive Contact-Centre clients improve their operational metrics and performance, including their: productivity, quality, customer-satisfaction and retention. We do this by helping their Team Leaders become better at operations management. And we do it all in our own unique way!

In this video, our team share more about what TULA does, how we do it and why we’re different:

We’ve been working with our South African clients for the last two years and, due to our success, we’re looking to grow our local footprint, our client base and our team.

That’s where YOU come in!

We’re looking for the right person to join our Cape Town team as a Leadership Facilitator & Training Manager.

img03What does the role of a TULA
Leadership Facilitator & Training Manager involve?

In the classroom, when delivering training to our clients’ team leaders (AKA: the delegates), you’ll be responsible for taking the delegates through TULA’s 25-module programme for 5-days. This is the first-phase of our training methodology. During this phase, you’ll deliver and facilitate the theory-based learning to the delegates and help them connect it to how they can apply it in their daily work.

In addition to this, after the completion of the classroom based learning, you’ll do site visits to the delegates in order to facilitate ongoing and applied learning in their daily work, as well as helping them address any gaps that they might have in this process.

You’ll be responsible for the communications, administration, marking, and reporting all aspects of the learning programme with the delegates; as well as reporting on all progress to our clients’ senior management team. Also, you’ll assist with the client relationship management, general business administration and reporting; as well as participating in some of the new business development activities.

What does the right person for this role look like?

We’re looking for people who really do understand the ‘coal face’ of working in a management role at a BPO or Captive Contact-Centre, so that you understand the challenges involved in such work and the nature of the job that our delegates do on a daily basis.

img04Ideally, your previous work-experience will have been in a
middle or senior management role within the Contact-Centre industry, so that you know as much (if not more) than anyone you’re training in the classroom. Also this will help you to understand the nature of their work and to be able to empathize with their learning needs as well as how they’ll need to apply it in their work environment.

In addition to this, you’ll have high energy levels, huge amounts of passion and enthusiasm, as well as a dash of good humour – all of which you’ll bring to your work in this role every day. Also, you need to be a good listener. All of this you’ll do with the upmost professionalism and credibility at all times.

In short, if you are to succeed in this role, then you will have good IQ and EQ, as well as excellent communication skills – both written and verbal.

How will you know if you’re the right person for this role?

Well, the right person for this role is probably someone who has to do some amount of training, coaching and mentoring in their current role and has found that it’s something that they really enjoy doing and that it’s something they’re very good at. Now, if this is you, then you can join TULA and do this aspect of your current role in a full-time capacity (and not have to do all the other parts of operations management that distract you from doing the work you really enjoy most). Basically, when you join TULA, you can focus all your energy and attention on growing and nurturing people to fulfill their full potential in their work and their careers!

Watch this video of TULA’s team describing what sort of person will fit into our team and what competencies they will need in order to succeed, as well as what we’re looking for in the right person for our Leadership Facilitator & Training Manager vacancy:

So, what are TULA’s future growth plans? What sort of career opportunities can you expect with us?

We’re early on in start-up phase at TULA (SA) and, while we’ve already had lots of success in our 2 years operating in Cape Town, we are looking to grow our client base here as well as the size of TULA’s team and business in South Africa.

In the next year, our plans are to ensure that everyone in the local marketplace knows all about TULA and that we’re perceived as the provider-of-choice for operations management and team leader training solutions, in the local BPO & Contact-Centre industry. Also, we want to bring on-board at least 6+ new clients during 2017.

Our plans for the next 3 years include: our having lots of local and international clients, within the BPO and Captive Operator space, as well as an expanded footprint in Africa and in Europe.

This means lots of opportunities for you to grow your career and expertise along with TULA as we grow our business too!

For more about TULA’s future growth plans and your career opportunities at TULA watch Gareth, TULA’s CEO, chat about these in this video:

Why work at TULA?

Good question! We’re glad you asked us that. As it happens, here’s a video we made earlier of some of our team sharing what they like most about working at TULA (and with each other):

In addition to working with the awesome people in our team, see below for some more good reasons you will want to join TULA’s team.

When you work at TULA, we provide you with:

  • Training when you start work with us, so that you are fully equipped to succeed in your work
  • Market related basic SALARY, along with generous commission and performance related incentives
  • Awesome office and office location, in a prime site at the V&A Waterfront (Cape Town)
  • CAREER GROWTH opportunities and development, because we invest in the professional development of our people, as well as you’ll get exposure to loads of top brands and their decision-makers in the local marketplace. Basically, you can grow your career by helping TULA grow its business. It’s a win-win!


So, if all this sounds like the next step you’d like to take in your work and if this seems like your sort of career opportunity, then you should APPLY to us today!

Apply by EMAILING your CV to: